We all know that we have many diseases that are exist in our time and most of the deadly one is cancer. Sometimes we can ask this questions to ourselves why this cancer exists. Especially when we have families, friends and someone we know that have diagnose this devastating cancer. This is really a big question mark and very frustrating to the affected and family.

I have read an article that makes me realize and it might be true that cancer causes 30% genetic and 70% is the lifestyle. With this statement shows that our lifestyle is what contributes of our health issues.  This huge percentage was very alarming that we need to watch and take care of ourselves by watching our diet and take care of ourselves by not abusing our body with unhealthy food.

Our food and our lifestyle is one of the causes and what contribute to this situation. We don’t want this to happen to us and to everybody.  As we all know that cancer is very frustrating and devastating that affects so many in our time and especially to those who suffer this disease and of course the family that are affected by it. We need to have totally changes of our eating and our lifestyle to obtain the health that we want to have.

As much as possible we will eat healthy food every day. Healthy food means fruits, vegetable, fish and just a little of the meat. If possible we have to cook our own food, so that we will know what’s on it and no preservatives and no ready to eat food.  I understand that we are busy with our life that is why we don’t want to cook and we want the ready to eat food but we will pay this later with our health.

We have seen promoting products and many commercials that are exist in our time and tell us that they can help our health. In my opinion there is no other healthier food than the fresh fruits and vegetables. Change our unhealthy lifestyle to healthy one this is the only solution and answer to feel better and healthier. I believe that what we put to our body and that’s we feel afterwards. Eat healthy and feel healthy as well.