Heard the news yesterday that most of the stores don’t have available stocks on window air-condition and there is one store that has the stock and it is quiet expensive. Due to the heat wave this summer many people wants cool down then many people needs to buy a window air-condition to stay cool this summer. We need to stay to the coolest area or place has air-condition so that we cannot be dehydrated by the heat.

I remember that we bought one of the window air-condition two years ago it is only like $100 or $120 dollars. I think that is the usual the price of the window air-conditions but this depend the brand name and the quality of the window air-condition also. But when I saw yesterday in the news it is almost $300 dollars including the tax. Wow! this happens when people need it and we don’t have enough supply.

This quite high or expensive for me this kind of price but I guess if you need it even how much is the price you have to do it and buy it even if you like it or not. People still buy the window air-conditions even how much it is. Unless if you are willing to sacrifice the heat or the feeling of uncomfortable.  But if you have children, health issues or older people you need to buy. You got to do in order to survive this heat.

The good time to buy window air-condition is to buy this during winter because store will sale this because nobody uses this time of a year so that you can save the price. But nobody thinks or remembers this way when we enjoy the coolest weather of a winter. We just remember when we need it already but if we need to stay cool this summer.

We need to remember to drinks a lot of fluids and avoid too much heat. If you feel dehydrated don’t take it for granted get something that will help you. Always bring water wherever you go and find place that have air-condition or place to makes you cool down. The demands of air-condition this summer is very high we have so much heat this summer but people doesn’t expect that we have this kind of heat this summer.