The fourth of July is near and that means we all need to think about safety so we may have an enjoyable holiday with our family and friends. But before we start thinking and talking about safety may we on this special day take a moment of silence to remember the true meaning of July 4th celebrations and remember all those who fought and died for our freedom and the land that we live in today. Sometimes I believe we forget the true meaning of this holiday and why it is such a special day.

Now being safe on this holiday can mean so many different things to many different people. For me it means to be very careful when using fireworks or letting your child use fireworks. We need to be smart when using fireworks because more people are injured every year by not paying attention or letting are children shoot of fireworks without being supervised. For me I do not drink alcohol, but many people do. All I will ask is that if you do drink, please drink responsible so others around you will not be hurt or affected by the things you do. Let’s all have a safe and enjoyable July 4th and give thanks to what we have.