Sometimes we do so much time with the computer then we just don’t notice how much it hurts our eyes. In noticed occasionally because of too much time in computer or seems like we are addicted to Facebook, Twitter and blogging I got bleary-eyed. Sometimes its too much, seems like we cannot live without the computer.

I read from a magazine on how to reduce the strain on your peepers, use your thumbs to press the spots on both sides of the bridge of your nose, where it meets your brow bones then hold for one minute. Looks very helpful especially most of the people these days are into computer and this will help some of their health issues or pain due to, too much time in their computer.

It is very effective, acupressure attest that stimulating this point, this triggers the release of pain killing endorphins and increase the blood flow to the area, which relaxes the muscles. Activating this point also signals the sinuses to drain and relieving pressure. It is not hurt to try, so I did and it works for me.

Eyestrain and drain sinuses can be annoying, we can’t concentrate working or doing our chores if we are not feeling well due to this issues. Trying this acupressure is worth to try and will not cost us money. Also, I don’t like taking a pill or would rather have this acupressure for the reason pills or medicines has side effects and I hate taking pills as well.