Our health is very important to each and every one of us. We cannot function properly in all our daily activities if we are not feeling well.  Feeling good about ourselves and healthy all the time makes us happy and makes us function all the time. We need to take care of our body and our health in order to obtain the wellness of health.

Our body will function or work properly, if we eat healthy, avoid foods and things that will cause harm to our health and we need to exercise as well to keep our body in shape and healthy. Also, as we have noticed our body when we get older the metabolism slows down and this causes gaining weight.

We need to find ways and techniques that will help and solve our health issues that most of us have been facing.  I have this short video that I have stumble that might help you and me to condition our body that has great effect and makes us healthy.

We also know that exercise is the best way to feel healthy and stay in shape. But I know exercise is really hard for us to find time and to do it because of our hectic schedule and tired of doing it. But I have found this very easy and effective exercise to most of us and this is called Metabolic Conditioning. You can only do it for 30 seconds and hope you can find time to do it.