* Lighten Up As You Brighten Up Your Home – Take a breath of fresh air and roll up your sleeves. As the world around you turns green, spring into action and tackle those projects that have been waiting all winter.

* Bring In Sunshine – The daylight hours are getting longer. Get your share of the solar energy by cleaning windows, glass doors and screens.

* Sort It Out – Pack winter clothes away. Donate outgrown or unwanted items to a non-profit organization.

* Restore The Outdoors
– Give outdoor furniture, decks, patios a good scrubbing. Compose yard waste. The haul out the grill and enjoy the first barbecue of the season (yummy,yummy).

* Tackle Grime – Don’t be afraid to go after those tougher projects. Time to clean up and wipe our ceiling fans, stove hoods and the top of your refrigerator.