Twenty more days before Christmas isn’t it exciting? I am counting the days before Christmas I am just excited and happy to spend Christmas with my families, friends especially to my nieces and nephews. Words cannot express of the gratitude that I felt that I have an opportunity to spend this time of a year to them.

Christmas will always be a happy one when there is love and unity within the family and the opportunity that we can spend our life with them. Life is too short if we hate somebody especially when it is our family. Forgiveness is not easy but if you will forgive you will really feel happy and no guilt that resides our heart.

We all wanted to have a perfect family but we need to work it out. I know that each of our family is not always perfect but we all wanted too. Sometimes we have conflict and argument if we can settle right away the better so that it will not grow bigger that you cannot forgive anymore. If there is a conflict or grudges with each other let us forgive one another. Remember that no other people that loves you and cares for you deeply than family.

We need to be thankful for the gift of life and the blessings we receive each day. Life is not always easy but it is worth living if we have family that loves and cares for us. We have to remember that material things are not important at all and for whatever circumstances that causes grudges or disagreement we need settle it and work it out.