1. Take the closet challenge. Turn this tiresome chore into a contest: Who can uncluter their closet — hangers, shelves, floor space and shoe racks — faster? Give away any items that haven’t been worn in at least a yeaar. And while the slowpoke pays a visit to Goodwill, the winner can compile a list of sexy tasks for the loser turned love slave to perform.

2. Mow poetic. Wear your heart on your lawn for your lover. Be fair: Each of you take a turn at the wheel. You mow the front yard; he mows the back. Use your lawn mower to cut an easy-to-carve image into the grass. And hey, if noting else, you’ll get your neighbors to laugh.

3. Get squeaky clean. Grab the hose, some detergent and a couple of sponges. Wash everything that has gathered dirt or dust over winter — cars, shutters, siding, trash bins and windows — You may get wet, so wear as little clothing as the law allows.