It’s hard to ditch your favorite lipstick or makeup. But makeup that’s been around too long can create more than just clutter; it can also cause a skin erritation or even an infection. These 3 steps can help you know when to toss the makeup.

  1. Time test: Most cosmetics have a shelve life, so you need to try and keep track of their age. To minimize your risk of an eye infection, replace your mascara every 3 months. All other makeup products about once a year.
  2. Smell test: Lipstick, foundations and concealers can be checked with a quick sniff. All other wax based products over time when bad will give off a bad aroma or odor when it is time to toss them.
  3. Sight test: With eyeshadows and powders if they become cakey or break apart easy, it is time to toss them. With liquid base makeup the oil will separate and rise to the top of the bottle. This is a sign they should be tossed.