Mostly of us knew that walking is effective way to loose weight or even help relief stress. This is truly wonderful news is that there’s a surefire cure for stress and waistline havoc that it wreaks, meditative walking. But were probably thinking, great this is just another to do that will add our stress.

It is definitely wrong, meditative walking immediately eases anxiety, plus rewires how the body to responds to stress so we will be better and able to handle everything that comes on our way. Mindful walking is an instant stress relief it will calms the amygadala which is the brain’s stress command center, it helps reduce cortisol levels by 40 percent for five hours according to some research.

Plus using the muscles  increases circulations that allowing the blood to more quickly transport cortisol to the kidneys, where it can be flushed from the body. Meditation is a lasting stress relief, it improves the connection between the anterior cingulate, which is the region of the brain that regulates emotions and the autonomic nervous system which controls subconscious bodily functions such as the release of cortisol. This is nice to know that walking is a help to our stress and health issues.