Laptop is very useful to me this is my partner when it comes to my blogging and doing work at home. I need to take care of my laptop it is hard to replace one it is expensive to buy a new one. I’m thinking to buy a laptop cooler because it is in-expensive to buy this laptop cooler than buying a new laptop. We just keep saving and watch our budget till we get ahead.

I have my HP laptop for almost two years I love it and don’t have any complain about it. I know there is always new one out there that are better than mine and has cool features but I can’t afford right now. But I guess I don’t have to complain there are people that they don’t this kind of stuff and still thankful. I should always remember this so that I will always be thankful of what I have.

I guess I just have to take care of this until it run down but it is nice to have new one though. Especially there are new gadgets every now and then that always coming out and new features. Love to have them but unfortunately I can’t afford. That is why my husband and I just thinking to buy the laptop cooler in order for our laptop to last long till we have the money to buy the new one.

Keep saving money for my next new laptop or thinking the IPad it is cool and handy hope I have a budget to get this kind of stuff. Time will comes that I will have the budget and I will have to thinks which is one I should choose. But as of now thinking of buying a laptop cooler because I used my laptop all the time and it makes my laptop hot and this might ruin my laptop faster.

I think laptop cooler is not so expensive, I have seen one on the adds I think it was Staples that it is only $20. I have to get one today and my husband is thinking to buy one too. In this way it helps a little bit the life span of my laptop to stay longer before I will buy a new one. Taking care of our stuff is important too especially this gadget is expensive and we don’t have the budget to replace it right away. I hope we do but we can’t. We have to work hard to get what we want in life.