Will the problems in Japan affect the United States and other countries around the world? The answer is “YES” and has already started. With the problems in Japan growing and the industrial division shut down in many areas of Japan. This has started a rippling effect on many businesses around the world due to lack of material that was once supplied by companies in Japan.

The first to announce this problem is in the United States is Toyota. They have said to the employees to prepare for a shut down within the thirteen plants that are operating within the United States. This is due to lack of material and supplies that where coming from Japan.

“All automakers are just now figuring out who supplies every little part.” Said Edmunds.com senior analyst Michelle Krebs. “The shortage of any one could shut down an assembly line. Toyota isn’t the only one vulnerable; virtually all major automakers have some risks.”

Also the United States automaker General Motors has stopped production in one of their truck plants in Shreveport, LA and a engine plant in New York due to lack of parts or supplies that come from Japan. So how many more business will be affected by this Japan crisis and which business will survive? Nobody really knows at this point and the analysts are just now taking a look at the ramifications this is going to cause. But what we all do know is that this is a worldwide problem and is not going to fix its self over night.