One morning I do hear a message from the radio that when you have more Vitamin D in your body the more you have the possibility to lose weight or most of the people that has more vitamin D in their body is the people that are not obese or the people that are in healthy range or good vitals in their body meaning more healthy.

The people that low in Vitamin D are mostly the people that have health issues and that are obese. Vitamin D is essential part of nutrients that our body needs that most of us don’t realize how important this is in our body. I have read also a magazine that a health expert stated that the outdoor activity or greater exposure health promoting Vitamin D is from the sun.

Health expert and research shows that outdoor walks are more effective than malls walk. This shows in their study that outdoor walks battle depression better than mall walk.This explains that the exposing from the sun this will enhance cognitive functioning and increased compassion.

The test shows that a person is more considerate after viewing the images of the nature. They also explain that the more time we have outside could mean spending less time in the doctor’s office.

There more benefits we can get that our body needs of the outdoor activity than indoor activity. Health expert said that even just five minutes of green exercise like cycling, gardening, fishing, and walking can boost our mood and self-esteem. Our moods are better when we do outdoor exercise. The natures will cure our mind and our body. This is the easy fix and cost effective for our ailment is, we need to work-out outside and this will enhance our body and moods naturally.