1. Create station that make sense. Divide your food into categories that make cooking easier and create stations on the shelves. Arrange a baking station with flour, sugar and shortening. A last minute station with pasta, canned soupd and sauces.
  2. Get a good view. Don’t stack tall cans in front of small ones. When unpacking groceries, place new purchases behind older ones so they’ll get eaten before they go past their prime.
  3. Have lists handy. Hang a bulletin board on the door of your pantry or tack a notepad up for grocery lists. Now you can take inventory and add items to the list the minute you run out of them.
  4. Show’em the ropes. Once your system is in place, give your family the lowdown on what goes where to prevent future pantry chaos. Label the shelves to help everyone unload grocceries properly and return food to the right place.