I am so happy that we have our fourth year wedding anniversary today. I asked my husband yesterday if he remembers where did we go during those four years, he remember some but it is a guy thing that they don’t remember those little things like the girl or woman does. But anyway I reminded him that during our first year anniversary we went to the Philippines we celebrate there our anniversary with my family, they are not able attend our wedding here, so we celebrate our first year anniversary there but after we came back here we celebrate again together and have dinner together in one of the fanciest restaurant here in Michigan. Second and third anniversary we celebrate here too, we just went to a fancy restaurant here and have dinner together again. I still remember what restaurant but my husband he said he forgot and don’t care. All he say’s as long as we love each other and stays together that what matters to him. And our fourth anniversary, part of his gift to me is to visit my family in the Philippines for 3 weeks and time flying so fast and here we are now in Michigan, were back.

I am so touch with my husband this morning that he give me gifts and a card, my sweet husband:-) Me, I forgot to buy anything for him. I am so busy with my work and things to do to catch up the days while were gone here for our vacation. But I will catch up with him later and were planning to have dinner tonight. Happy Fourth Year Wedding Anniversary Sweetie!