Introducing yourself to your internet viewers is not always an easy task. I read a great article with tips on how to accomplish this from infusion software. Below is a quote out of the article. Definately something to think about.

1) People are egocentric. Subconsciously, they’re viewing your
webpage and thinking, “There’s tons of companies just like you. What are you going to do for me?

2) People love being entertained. If they believe your website is providing interesting information, you’ll have them hooked

3) People want their opinions valued. This is why most companies have incorporated a blog or forums–so that their customers can put in their two cents.

4) And…this is the ticket to creating value for YOUR business… Visitors want to do something.

“If you work just for

money, you’ll never make

it, but if you love what

you’re doing and always

put the customer first,

success will be yours.”

– Ray Kroc, McDonald’s Founder