Some people judge by our looks and our appearance that is why we want to look good, presentable or even better than everyone. We all want to look gorgeous, in our best wardrobes or outfit and more appealing when we come to a gathering or a party because we want that we will not left behind and accepted by our friends. We have to to remember that life is not a contest, who’s better or not but it is a journey.

I understand that it is a good feeling if we look better and presentable but sometimes we had to think that it is not the look that matters it is the heart. If we had the good looks but if we are not good or if our heart is not good or not treat people right we are still nothing. Looks is not what make us good or better it is our attitude and who we are and how treat people.

Sometimes these worldly things will hinder us from being good and not treating people nicely because we thought that we are better than everyone else. Especially if we have the nicest things in this world like nice car, brand new house, new gadgets, expensive stuffs and gorgeous looks we forgot of who we are. We don’t treat people like the way it should which is not a good thing.

We have to remember that everything and every one of us are just passing here. The important of living in this earth is not what we have but who we are and how we treat everyone. A natural feeling of human being is that we can have the all the material things in this world and look better than everyone else. But this is not the reason why we are here and ways of life here on earth.  We have to treat people the same and treat them they way it should be and no one is better than everyone else.