Today is Turkey Day it is an American tradition to celebrate Thanksgiving. I watch in Facebook the video on the streets of New York City interviewing a random people and ask with this simple question “What are you thankful for” there are some answers that touches me and makes me realize how grateful and lucky I am.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, words is not enough to express my gratitude because He has given so much to name a few like a wonderful husband, my families, friends and all the opportunities and blessings that sometimes impossible but God made it possible.

We have so many things that we should be grateful for but sometimes we just take for granted. We need to realize that we are fortunate that we have families that love us dearly and doesn’t matter if we don’t have the material things like other people.

We just need to be contented and happy of what we have blesses with. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family and have a nice and enjoyable thanksgiving.