This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Final Non Sampling Copy 2.21.12.doc With security and identity theft of your personal and business information becoming more prevalent, we all need to think a little more about the items we need to safe guard. This also goes for both small and large companies. The first thing to think about for your home or your office would be a shredder. Items we should consider shredding such as our old tax returns, cancelled credit cards, pay slips or stubs and all necessary documents that contain with our personal and financial information.

For this reason I started to review different shredders to see which would best fit my needs. What I found was the Fellowes 79Ci PowerShred, which has an excellent choice for shredding personal and sensitive documents in the home or at the office. This had all the qualities I was looking for. This came with 100% Jam Proof and a sensor that stops jams before they happen by analyzing how much you are shredding before hand. This has also a Cross-Cut feature that is awesome to give you the best in security.  No wide strips that people could easily glue back together. The Cross-Cut technology guarantees its total destruction of your shredded documents.

Not only that, it also comes with SilentShred® technology and this seems hard to believe that a shredder could be so quiet. The Fellowes 79Ci includes the all new SafeSense® technology feature which is something I wanted to check out. As I found it interesting that a shredder will stop the shredding if a hand touches the paper opening, this sounds like they were also thinking about safety when designing this new shredder.

Overall, I like that I can easily shred multiple documents and CD/DVD discs in a shredder that wont jam. Having children in your house means the SafeSense® technology is very important, especially when little fingers end up near the paper opening. The Fellowes 79Ci is a great shredder for anyone wishing to properly dispose of papers or optical discs that contain sensitive information.

If a new shredder is something you are considering in the near future I recommend you take the time to look at the Fellowes 79Ci. Then stop back and let me know what you think when it compares to other shredders that are available today.

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