Sometimes I wonder why people like to disobey or don’t follow what is right and what is good for them. I heard from the news the other day that there is one woman that she knows that tanning is not good for her but she still do it all the time.

She will regret soon  reason the health expert had said to her that this will cause skin cancer if she does it all the time. But this woman she said that she is addicted to it and she knows it is bad for her but she still do it anyways because she said that she feels better when she do it.

She explains that she quit from smoking for the reason that it is not good for her health also but she said she cannot quit tanning. I don’t know what the difference why she can quit smoking but not the tanning. This sounds strange to me and insane even though that she knows that is not good for her health and this might cause her to get sick.

I know we cannot control someone’s life or their decision because it’s their life but sometimes we can ask why this people are thinking this way. We can ask this question for our self, why they don’t use their brilliant mind and why people they do stupid things even they know that is really a mistake? Oh well, we are the one who made the choice in our life to be complicated and miserable.

Then by the time we already have the sickness or suffer the consequences of our wrong choices and decisions, this is the time we realize that it is our fault and now it is too late to do anything. Sometimes we do blame others for what happen to us. We just love this kind of people because of their indifference and imperfect ways instead getting upset. Hope they can realize their fault what’s they are doing and change for the better.