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Have you ever owned something that you will most likely never use again and thought to yourself I would love to sell or even trade the item for something I would use? But you are not one to spend time having a garage sale, placing a ad in the classifieds and you do not feel right about bothering your friends to try and get them to buy the item, so what do you do? Well there is still hope to get rid of those unwanted items. No it is not an auction it is called, this is the place where you can trade your things without any hassle.

I know your next question “How to use”? Well, it is very simple. You register on their website, which is done by answering a few questions and setting up a user name and password. Once you are signed in you can start by adding the items you wish to trade for something different. If you are unsure the value of the item you wish to trade you can use the built in suggestion calculator to get an idea. Then once you have completed you can get started by searching for something of comparable value to trade as well as you will get response right in your email inbox. It is that simple. If you are looking for more information on you should take a look at their About us page to get all your questions answered.

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