Ideas For Saving Time When Cleaning

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. So cleaning is very important and cleaning can be breeze, if you remember to use your hands and your head.

* Get your tools together. Keep the cleaning supplies you use regularly all together in a plastic caddy in a handy spot, so you can carry it quickly to whatever you’re cleaning.

* Act fast. Clean up spills immediately before they turn into messy, set-in stains. A little up-front work will pay off later.

* Multitask. Make phone calls as you fold laundry or wipe down kitchen counter tops while you wait for water to boil. You don’t have to go crazy but you can take advantage of stolen moments.

* Use cleaning logic. Dust first, vacuum later. Rather than starting “bottom to top”. Dust moves down, so its more effective to wipe off high shelves first, work your way down and finish up vacuuming.

* Clean only what’s dirty. Who has time to clean an entire refrigerator that really only has a few fingerprints on it? Leave that for a deep-cleaning day. Instead, focus on areas that require daily cleaning and straightening such as kitchen counter tops and play areas.

* Use the right tools for the task, Don’t push dust around with dry cloth, trap it with a damp one. Rather that toil away with a wet washcloth, trying to remove food that is stuck on counters, use a scraper to remove it with less effort.

* Get help! Why should you do all the cleaning yourself? Get your family involved and cleaning will go much faster and more efficiently.

* Put things where they belong right away. We’re all guilty of putting dishes in the sink rather than in the dishwasher. But by postponing the inevitable, you end up doing twice the work.

* Spot clean. It doesn’t take long to do and it really helps tidy up high traffic room, particularly the kitchen. Once a week, give the room a more thorough cleaning.

* Take advantage of convenience tools. Substitute paper plates for some meals and throw them away after you’re finished eating to save time. Use a thick paper towel and a little water to remove scuff marks and dirt from floors, walls and doors. Then simply toss it and forget about it.

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