Electronics are very popular nowadays and its advancement. I remember when cellular phone was newly out and popular in the market back on 2003 in the Philippines. Everybody wants it, even these days people liked too much when it comes to electronic. There is good and bad point with having a cellular phone. Having a cellular phone it will add cost to your budget.

After buying a phone you need to have a monthly payments or if you have free paid phone you need to load every time. But the good thing is you can easily locate your kids, friends or your family by calling them or texting them. You can stay connected and access them right away if you need something. There is lot of nice cellular phone that always comes up every now then like iPhone this is the latest that everybody wants to have including myself.

I love to have an iPhone, it is really nice to have this. What I love with this is, you can do a lot of things it is a multi-task phone, like you can use as a phone obviously, internet, camera, listen to music and many other things, it is amazing how this little device can do. But disadvantage with this, if your kids have an iPhone they can access unwanted information in the internet, they can go to the site that they should not be. Sometimes it distracts attention to while driving or doing something. But I don’t mind if I have one, I will save so that I can buy this iPhone I’m hoping soon.