In some cases when it comes to health our foods reflects or affects of what we feel and how we look like. As what I have observed and have seen these days that there are many overweight and even obese people every year. The reason for this situation exists is the food we eat and our lifestyle is what made into this health issues. That is why need to control ourselves and knows what food that is good for our body.

We really need to pay attention to this including myself that we need to watch what we eat and always remind ourselves if we eat too much of these junk foods how this affects our overall health. I always noticed that every time eat a lot or foods that are not good I feel terrible after. The problem today is we have so many foods that looks very impressive to eat but ruins our body later on.

Controlling ourselves is the keyword to maintain our figure and feeling better every day. This is not easy, it is really hard not to eat the food that are taste good for us but remember if it contributes health issues we better not to. We have so many delicious looking foods that are tempting to eat such as cake, ice cream, chocolate, burger, fries, soft drinks or cola and many other foods that looks like healthy food but it is not.

Remember that holidays are coming and we have so much of these food around, so we need to control ourselves on not to eat much on this kind of food if we want to feel, look and healthier all the time. If we want to lose weight or stay on our nice figure we have to control ourselves on what food we eat to keep us healthy and free from sickness or diseases that have been around. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the only foods that are always around and contributed healthy well being all year round, this can never change.