Staying in touch with family and friends can be very expensive and difficult. Also to call abroad has always been extremely expensive. At least this has been true until the advancements and technology of VOIP was released. Many of us have heard of Skype and have found that although it works it can be a little difficult getting both parties online at the same time especially with the time differences.

Skype was about our only options until now. In 2008 Voxofon was introduced with rates that are 50% less than Skype’s rate while giving you a high quality service 24 hours a day. Even better that they have international rates that are very competitive with the other companies that offering international calls.

Also if you go to you will find that they offer the service for Windows 7 computers, iPhones, Android phones and even Blackberry phones. This way you can stay in touch even when you are on the road or away from home.

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