Every day we have a choices or decisions to make in our life. We need to be smart and wise in every decision or choices we make so that we will not regret in the end. We know that every choice we make affects our future and our life.  Our choices will not only affect to ourselves but as well as to our family. That’s why we need to be careful and try to do what is right and best for us.

We have consequences on every choices and decision we make. If we happen to choose bad of course the consequences is bad as well. But if we make the right decision we will reap good things or we will be rewarded with our right decision or choices. We can only be happy and content if we do what’s right. If we want to have a better life and a good future ahead then it is for you to decide then.

We all want to have good future and good life for that reason then we will think many times before we decide especially when this affects our future. But sometimes because we are human it happens that we choose the bad one then if we know it is bad we have to straight this out before it is too late so that we will not regret and suffer the consequences.

There are also people that they don’t want to choose the right one. They want their life to be miserable that’s what I don’t understand to other people. Why? Most of the time the bad choices is wherein you are feel happy temporarily but in the end you will regret because wrong is always been wrong. You will not feel good at all and you will not feel happy at all. Our life is ours to choose but we are also responsible for our choices.