* Say goodbye to toilet rings. Before you go to bed, drop a couple of denture tablets in your toilet. In the morning, brush and flush. ( Or pour 1/2 gallon of white vinegar in the bowl, let soak all night, then flush).
* Get appliances squeaky-clean. Don’t spend a lot of money on stainless steel cleaner. Just use WD-40 on your stainless refrigerator, stove or appliances.
* Whiten your sinks. Make a white enamel or porcelain sink shine by laying paper towels across the bottom and saturating with hydrogen peroxide. Let stand for a half-hour, then rinse.
* Banish bad smells. If your smells funky, just simmer a pot of water with cinnamon sticks, orange peel and cloves on the stove or settings bowls of vinegar around to absorb the odor.
* Embrace microfiber cloths. Cotton dust towels just push dirt ahead of the cloth. Microfiber cloths fiber act like little shovels, picking up dirt into the towel. And they can be rinsed and reused over and over.

This is a tips for better living, it really a help for me and would like to share it to others. Health is wealth and we need to be clean so that we will not get sick easily.