Cold weather is starting to kick in this Winter season and changing weather can affects our health condition, especially that we have transition of weather from warm to cold. We can easily catch a common cold from this transition of weather. There are natural foods that can help us from preventing to get these common colds that are spreading around during this winter season.

*You need to boost yourself with Vitamins especially Vitamin C sources of foods. But did you know that citrus fruits aren’t the only foods that are high in vitamin C? You can get vitamin C with potatoes, strawberries, pineapple and green pepper this would be a good food that prevents you from getting common cold. These foods are known to be effective to fight against cold.

Make it sure that you have enough citrus fruits during this season. You can even increase your vitamin C intake to prevent you from having cold. Like drinking orange juice for breakfast, add tangerine slices to in your lunchtime salad, you can have a half of grapefruit in your snack or whatever citrus fruits available that can help increase your vitamin c.

*Increase Fluid Intake – the more we have liquid that better in our body. Fluids this keeps us liquefied and keeps us from dehydrations.

*Chicken Soup – I got from the health expert that from the article that I have read that hot chicken soup helps clear clogged the airways. They said that chicken soup has been called as nature’s penicillin and it was known to be the top of the list for its healing and curative powers.

*Garlic – known to be a good antioxidant and destroy free radicals, the active oxygen molecules that damage cells. The fragrant bulb of garlic contains a natural flavoring agent called alliin, that acts as decongestant, that is why garlic are known to be natural prevention for cold symptoms.

* Ginger – many people find to be helpful to take fresh ginger if you have cold. This help relieves sore throat and has highest content of antioxidants. This is also known to be a natural antihistamine and a mild decongestant.

* Stay warm – during this winter season and enjoy the rest of the year and upcoming holidays everyone. Stay healthy by eating right and natural foods to prevent from common cold and free from diseases during these winter months.