get-aheadWork is essential to life, we can’t progress without it. Also, we can’t have anything without working. Most successful people they have to work hard before they got their wealth or what they have. Unless you have inherited wealth from your family or anybody you can’t have anything without working. Even rich or wealthy they have to work as well in order gain more or else they will be run out of money or their wealth if they just depending on what they have.

In short we all need to work to get ahead of life and to get what we needed and what we wanted. Work is hard sometimes but that makes us who we are. Our life will be miserable if we don’t know how to work. Sometimes I just wonder why some people doesn’t bother finding work and that is the reason why they can’t get ahead in life. Our situation depends on us if we work hard or how industrious we are or the other way around how lazy we are or how we procrastinate our time without doing nothing. Remember no one will go hungry if we make an effort to work and find ways to get ahead.

We need to teach our children while they are young the value of work so that when they grow old they learn to value work and things they have work for. Most of us don’t have wealth to leave to our children like wealthier people, what we can do is to teach them to value work and educate them to get a decent work or job. We will be comfortable to know if they know how to live their own or if they know how to work and we will not be worried of their future.

We have to remind to our children that life is not always easy as they think. We have to work hard if we want or need something. We need to make an effort in order to have what we need or event our wants. Also, it is better if we have a degree or education, we will have easier job if we have an education than don’t have. Work can be physical or mental, if we have the degree or education usually less physical work and more on mental effort needed. We need to be creative and smart to get a decent job and have a convenient lifestyle. Luckily we live in this innovative time there are many decent job opportunities around us.