Facebook is a popular Social Networking Website wherein you connect with your friends, relatives, families, co-workers, classmates and associates. You can even play games here in this site. This social networking website Facebook has been around since 2004 so this almost seven years and some people are addicted to it and this site has become popular these days.

Some people cannot get away without Facebook or connecting with their friends, games or sharing pictures and some people express some of their feelings and emotions. Facebook has good news that they have announced that they upgraded some of their features on chat but the bad news about this, is that you cannot find those people you want to chat with in the sidebar that was the complain that I heard about this new feature on chat.

Facebook also introduced and announced this new-in browser Skype. This brings your conversation with your friends, families or the person who chatted with to life. With Facebook-Skype Video Calling now you can watch your friends with smile, wink and laughing. Sometimes an emotion just isn’t enough that is why they introduce this feature.

If you are a Facebook user you must be happy about this new feature that they have been doing. I know that other people that are not computer savvy for them it is a pain. But actually this is very easy to do and pretty straightforward. This is awesome that you can call your friends right from Facebook. All you have to do is to click the call button at the tops of your friends profile or in chat window and you’re good to go. And you don’t have to launch new software and if there is no answer you can also leave a video message.

In this world of technology this makes our life easier. This is pretty quick and cool feature that Facebook has been doing. You know that Google’s Hangouts, the Google+ feature this also and they have this video call with up to 10 people. This is called competition and it’s up to people who decide which one they would rather use and comfortable with. This Video Calling is likely a welcome edition for Facebook users and if you are curious about this you can check this feature right away.