Credit card is good when you use it wisely and not use stupidly. There is good and bad in using credit card. I know many people like using credit card for the reason you don’t need to have cash to carry around and might lose your money or you might rob. Credit card is very convenient and smart way in making payments instead of bringing money. Also if you don’t have money or budget yet you can use your credit card to help you in your financial obligations.

Most people should understand and know that using a credit card is a responsibility. But other people they get into trouble with credit card because they don’t know how to control their spending and during the payment or due date they don’t have budget for it.

Using credit card is the best way to make payment or if you purchase something but you need to realize that you have pay after and you need to set aside a budget so that in due date for payment you will not be in trouble. You just need to set to it that you can pay and set aside budget of what you spend.

Credit card may help you or may put you in trouble but this depends on you. In our time it is almost necessary to have credit card for the convenience of payment and most of the store would rather accept credit card especially if you purchase online because they only accept credit card or you can use PayPal or any kind of electronic payment because online you can only pay or accept electronic payment.

Some of Credit Company also they offer points that you can redeem or as rewards of using their credit cards for purchasing. But if you can’t pay your credit card on time or you can pay the high interest that you agree on. We need to be wise in using credit card and make it sure that we pay on time if we don’t this will also ruin your credibility as well and you can pay high or more interest.