We have lost our electricity last Saturday evening for almost four hours due to a storm that passes through here in West Michigan and it is not fun. I can’t imagine our life without electricity especially when we are used to have everything that relies on electricity.

We all definitely rely much on electricity from our cooking, working, bathing and almost everything we runs through electricity. I was a little disappointed that we lost power while I am in the middle of cooking. But thankfully the next door neighbor offer to have her gas grill use to finish my cooking and that was nice of her. Living without power is not easy to all of us in our days especially that all of us have many things to do and we need electricity all the time.

We are all dependent on electricity but I know we can still live without it because our great ancestors have live without it. We are just lucky in our time that we have available stuff that make our life more easier and sometimes we just take it for granted until we have lost those stuff in our lives, then that is the time we will appreciate it more.

I’m really bored that night for not having electricity. I can’t do my work because I need power for the computer and I can’t watch TV either or listen to the radio so that we just end up sleeping early. I just could not imagine if we live a life the way it was before. I remember in my younger time that we don’t have this computer and any electronic devices but we still live alright, happy and contented.

Right now I could not imagine how would be our life without electricity and electronic devices that are available in our time. I know we can still use generator and battery to survive if we do have. This make us think about, we just have to be grateful of what we have and make use of what is available in our time. We also need to learn how to survive and to learn to live without in case if a calamity happens or strikes in our lives.