Remembering my graduation day memories, for me it is a memorable one. I cherish that day it was one of my achievements that happens only once in life time. It was indeed a dream come true when it comes to my educational attainment. For all the hard work and effort that I put into it, it was worth it. I did make it in spite of the challenges that I had faced every day.

I did finished my Bachelor in Accounting even though my parents were not able to support me or put me through college. Life was a struggle for me during that time. I had to sell newspapers in order to pay my tuition, to buy the books that I needed in school and at the same time helping my family. I will not forget those days, how happy I was and my family was during my graduation day.

I remember my parents told to me that they are not rich and they don’t have money to put us through college. But if we study hard and work towards our dreams and goals in life they are there to support us not financially, but morally and physically. I decided to find work and I worked as a food server in a restaurant and I was promoted to a cashier but the money that I earned was still not enough. I decided to sell newspapers, so I had to wake up early in the morning about four am to sell in the market and at the same I went school it was really hard for me during that time in my life. But the encouraging words and advice that my parents taught us gave me strength and served as inspiration to me to pursue and achieve my dreams.

As what my father had told to all his children that they don’t have money or wealth that they can leave us when they are gone, but if we have knowledge or wisdom that we have learned from school and experiences in life no one can steal it from us. He said also that the knowledge we have would serve as an asset in the near future. The word of advice that my father taught me gave me the courage to pursue and fulfill my dreams. As I walked through the aisle during my graduation day I could not help but cry. The tears that where dropping down my face where teardrops of joy that I will never forget. My parents were proud to see that I was able to make it through and it was a nice and rewarding feeling. I can attest that poverty is not a hindrance to success or to finishing education.

We just have to work towards our dreams if you really have the desire to achieve your goal in life. We just need to find ways in order to meet our dreams with the help of our maker we can really make it if we really believe. But graduation day would not be complete without a celebration. We did have a little celebration during that day. The excitement and fun memories of graduation day will not be complete without the picture taking and eating. A little food preparation was prepared by my family so my friends and family could join me in my fulfillment day. But graduation is not the end of learning we have to face another day or another chapter in our life, so remember life is always a learning process.