Are you getting close to retirement age and have always been interested in Florida Retirement Communities? If this sounds like you then I would make sure you take the time to finish reading this article. I was amazed of what I found when I was researching for my retirement. I had so many questions and thoughts running through my head, things like. Given the economy, is anyone building new retirement communities in Florida? The answer is a big “Yes” and if you are looking for a full-service luxury resort style community then PGA Village Verano is one of the first places you should consider looking at.

The question you have to ask yourself is “What are people looking for in a Retirement Community in Florida?” today. You just might be surprised when you compare the features of this community to the other retirement communities around the USA. They have designed their community with you in mind and have taken the time to look at all the features and amenities to make your living experience and retirement a wonderful time of your life. This new retirement community is located in Port Saint Lucie Florida and is open for you to view by appointment.

All you need to do is contact one of their sales agents on their website or call their sales office. I will let you know in advance that they have units starting at $149,000, so they are priced in a range that most of us can afford. A friend of mine asked “Could a person use IRA money to help pay for their home in a retirement community?”. The sales office replied and said sure you can use your IRA to help pay for the new residence in this beautiful community. I am originally from the northern mid-east, I cannot wait till the day when I retire and can get away from the cold winters. The amenities at PGA Village Verano are just what I have been looking for and they are willing to help setup a payment plan you can afford and give you a choice with the design and features. This is something that I have been looking for and hoping for as I get closer to my retirement.