We all have stress and if we work it can be even worse. For some of us it is the constant ringing of the phone, wondering if you did your assigned project perfectly, You suddenly get a project dumped in your lap and they tell you they need it by tomorrow. It could be a coworker that doesn’t know when to be quiet or that pile of paperwork that has been sitting on your desk.

Well sit back and relax for a moment, take a deep breath or even chew some gum. There are somethings you need to think about. You could let the phone go to the answering service once in awhile. If your project did not go as well as you wanted you could do a preemptive call to your boss and explain to him why or what went wrong. When a project gets dumped on you and it needs to be done tomorrow first you need to get organized and look at all of the project. Then decide if you can complete it or if you need to ask for an extension on the deadline. If a coworker never shuts up try leaving the area a few times maybe the person will get the idea. If a project seems scar that means you should jump into it with both feet and get the worst part done first. Then it will only get easier as you continue. And lastly if there is a mountain of paperwork to be done. Start by setting goals that can be done everyday on completing the paperwork until it is all done. There is always another day.