Stocks are shares of ownership in a corporation. Usually the big companies in the country are listed in the stock market so that you can buy their shares at low price, then hopefully sell them at a high price in the future so that you can have a profit. You can either buy or sell stocks via a licensed stockbroker, who in turn gets a certain commission from every transaction you make, usually about 15% commission.

More information about trading stocks and list of accredited stockbrokers can be found at the Stock Exchange Website. The challenging part about investing in stocks is making the critical decision of WHAT to buy, WHEN to buy it and WHEN to sell it. You will have to do some research on the company’s performance over the years and whether there are upcoming changes to be expected soon or not.

Try attending a seminar on stock investment from any of the accredited stockbrokers. They usually give it free, together with some snacks. There are risks involved especially if you don’t track your investment properly, so make sure you have the patience and determination before going for it.