Last month was a cancer awareness month and I was really sad about this kind of sickness that many people have affected by it. This question came to my mind why cancer is around in our time and what are the causes of this & what is the cure or how to prevent of not having it? I know some people or the person that are affected by this kind of sickness and families are devastating with this killer disease.

Is that true that the environment & the food that we eat have something to do of our health? I know that there are people that have this issues that they try to eat healthy as much as they could but they still get this kind of sickness.  But we need to be aware on how to prevent from not happening to us and our family as well. We know that prevention is better than cure.

I know there are many reasons why we can get this kind of devastating illness but we just need to be preventing ourselves from having these issues by eating healthy foods, exercise, and cleanliness. Also by having a healthy lifestyle that is all we can do to prevent this from happening to us and to our family. As much as possible prepare your own food because you know what’s on it.

Health experts and doctors always advice us that we need eat fresh fruit and vegetables is the best way to be healthy. Also wash the thoroughly the fruit and vegetables that you eat because mostly they have chemicals that they put on it to be able to grow. Mostly the food we eat is what really matters with our health and the air we breathe. If we can avoid we should not eat can goods or food that has preservatives.

Get time to exercise to burn bad fats that restore in your body. Sometimes exercise is very difficult to find time because of our hectic schedule but we have too so that we can prevent sickness or cancer.  A healthy lifestyle is what we need and we need to find time to exercise and make it sure that we get the vitamins that our body needs so that cancer will not be around anymore.