Only this time of a year the time we can enjoy the hit of the sun and summer is fun here in Michigan. We can able to go outside enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. We can able to walk and not bother with the cold and not to wear a lot of winter clothes. We can enjoy going to the beach and have fun with our friends. Summer is fun isn’t it? Most of people that don’t like the cold agree with me with this especially my hubby.

We need to get out and enjoy, feel the hit of the summer. We need to savor the moment and enjoy the sunshine that our maker has provided us. When we don’t have the budget we can just even walk and feel the hit of the sun and smell the fresh air of the trees. If you are able you can also go to the beach and watching the waves of the lake or beach it is fun and just bring food to eat with your friends and families.

We need to enjoy life while we can especially in this summer time that we can able to get out and can have fun outside. Summer is fun time for the kids also they can able to play outside, swim in the pool; they can bike, hike and enjoy their childhood life. There are many things you can do during summer even when you don’t the budget. Just be creative and just find fun things that will not cost to you and feel the hit of the summer.

Many gatherings during summer here and we have many invites from friends and families. Only this time of a year we can grill or do barbecues and we can have outside activities that the families and friends can set outside can talk or chit chatting while waiting for the food to cook. Some they do it or held in the park, most of the park are full or pack of people during summer.

People that have budget they travel some places to visit some of their families and friends. They also visit nice places during this summer. We don’t have plans yet of going somewhere this summer or travel plans but as we of now we have fun and enjoy the warmer weather this summer. We already went to the beach with friend and have picnic and we enjoyed it. Hope you have an enjoyable summer and have fun with it.